A trip to the strawberry farm & granita making







I am a little behind on the blogging front (and everything else) this week! It’s been a tough one, trying to juggle a poorly baby with an incredibly busy week at work, with all the regular day-to-day stuff too. Oh, and my laptop blew up…literally!

So, I have a few lovely photos from last weekend to share with you. A fun trip to the pick your own farm just outside Oxford, or as Mia calls it ‘the strawberry farm’.

I have really fond childhood memories of strawberry picking. When my brothers and I were small my mum would take us to the village farm. She would always joke that the farmer should weigh us on the way in, and again on the way out! We ate a lot of strawberries! On this trip, Mia fairly subtly snacked through a few (dozen) berries, but Joe was head to toe pink by the time we went home!

As always we also picked far too many strawberries…and after eating lots perfectly natural and as they are, we also made a large batch of strawberry granita, similar to sorbet. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow; it’s my summer favourite!


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