eighteen / fifty two



20140503_163902A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014

Mia: has inherited my love of garden snoozing…I really couldn’t decide between these two photos, and sometimes there’s no need to choose!

Joseph: more hitting of objects, a lot more teething and improvements in his crawling technique this week…I feel so sorry for my little red-cheeked boo, hurry up molars!

Joining in with Jodi and the other lovely bloggers for the 52 portraits project.






2 thoughts on “eighteen / fifty two

  1. barbara Reply

    you’re right: there’s no need to choose, when you have such lovely pictures in your hand! your kids are adorable! visiting from jodi’s 52 project!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thank you Barbara!

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