fourteen & fifteen / fifty two

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Mia: wrapped in my scarf, running along the beach

Joseph: does not like to sit down

Mia: just silly

Joseph: loved sink baths so much

A little catch-up here this week! The week before we went away was crazily busy with the end of school, parties, ballet performances, play dates…not to mention the holiday packing! So, all of these photos were taken whilst we were away; I tried to capture some of their happiest moments.

Later this week I return to work. Joe starts nursery. Having finally settled into the changes that last summer brought, with Joe arriving and Mia starting school, I know that this is the next huge change. It will be necessary for us all to adjust…I have a feeling it will be a crazy few weeks. I hope to keep on posting as normal, but if there’s a little lull, you’ll know why!


2 thoughts on “fourteen & fifteen / fifty two

  1. erica @ expatria, baby Reply

    that beach shot is gorgeous! courage for the crazy weeks ahead!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thank you Erica! 🙂

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