DSCN9877“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Mia: she has been busy decorating the house for Christmas…calm here, but wild the rest of the day

Joseph: peacefully looking at a toy…it’s amazing how fascinating some wooden clouds and jingle bells can be. He learned to roll over this week, and to sit up for a few seconds by himself. Tooth number one is pretty much through as well now. It seems like Mia as a baby, Joe goes through massive development spurts…just when you think they’re never going to get something, they achieve that milestone plus a couple of extra things just for fun!


4 thoughts on “50/52

  1. colorfulcharactersclub Reply

    Where did you get that wonderful tree!? 🙂

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      The tree is from a German Christmas market years ago! I’m sure it would be possible to find a similar one as it’s very traditional 🙂

  2. Siobhan Reply

    Love how aloof Alfie looks in the background, also, very clever snow!

  3. hellomistermagpie Reply

    I know, a cat with attitude! Such a shame he’s not more friendly though; Joe absolutely loves him!

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