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A little post about cloth nappies. I am an unlikely convert to them and really want to share my very positive experience.

First I have to confess; nearly five years ago, when my daughter was born I bought a whole set of cloth nappies and never used them. I didn’t even try one on her! Probably mostly due to fear of how complicated/messy/time-consuming they would be. Before Joe was born this summer I was determined to give them a try at least…not expecting to like them at all.

I bought a set of birth-to-potty Motherease nappies and wraps and started to use them when he was about 3 weeks old. It took me a couple of tries to put them on him properly, so they didn’t leak, but after that we had no problems at all. They are no slower or more unpleasant to change than a disposable, and the wraps are cute too! We have about 25 nappies, which means 2 extra loads of laundry each week…not too bad. They dry quickly, and remain amazingly white and fluffy.

The advantages to using cloth nappies are well known; more eco-friendly, cheaper than disposables, natural fabrics. The part that makes me happiest is not having to put out an entire wheelie bin of dirty nappies for the bin collection each week.

A lot of people still view using cloth nappies as a crazy and impractical thing to do. It would be great if a few more people gave it a go!

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  1. Keeping Up With The Holsbys Reply

    I really love the idea of it, and they make really cool ones these days. When I had my first we lived in a small apartment and the laundry was 6 flights down, so there was no way, and then with my second I just talked myself out of it.
    Big ups to you for using them!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thanks! I thought I would be the same, but have been so pleasantly surprised by how good they are! x

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