last days of summer





It has been a good summer. Unusual for this country. Ours has been full of long days of hard work and fun times. I feel ready for autumn this year. On the walk home from Mia’s new school this morning a leaf fell on my head. Today is ten degrees cooler than yesterday and soon the conkers will be ready.

These photos are from Monday; we took a trip to the river to enjoy a few hours of lazing in the sun.




2 thoughts on “last days of summer

  1. mir Reply

    a good summer here too, but i’m not ready for fall… winter was so long that i still don’t have a full of sun hours!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      I know just what you mean, most years i feel just the same! Lovely photos on your blog of your little one on her ‘moto’ x

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