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Today farms all over the country opened up to the general public for Open Farm Sunday. I had been wanting to visit Sandy Lane Farm since realising I missed this event last year! Sandy Lane is near Thame, Oxfordshire. It is a small, family run organic farm, with a good mix of farm animals and fields of lovely vegetables. We enjoyed a walking tour of the farm, visited the horses and the two week old piglets and then (somewhat inappropriately…) the most delicious sausage sandwiches from the farm cafe!


3 thoughts on “open farm sunday

  1. Jennifer Reply

    What gorgeous photos! It looks like a wonderful day, with so much to see. Thanks for sharing over at my blog, I have added your link to my post!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thanks Jennifer! It looks like your post has inspired quite a few others to join in with this event next year too! Laura x

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