camping without camping

Penhros church

Cadair Berwyn

mmm, toasty!

I’m back from a great couple of days in Wales. Despite the not-so-great weather we enjoyed time outside, built a firepit campfire, ate large amounts of delicious barbeque food and some even braved a splash in the hot tub! Like a true non-camper I then retreated to a lovely squishy bed for a cosy night’s sleep (even if it was only for a few hours!)

The photos are of a nearby church, at Penhros, or a ‘chapel’ if you’re local. I went to a Christening at the church last summer, and it’s just beautiful.

From our friend’s house you can see the Berwyn mountain range. This morning we could see sheep being herded through fields at the bottom of the mountains. A few years ago I climed Cadair Berwyn; it’s very rugged and steep, and so much higher than it looks!

Hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend, and a great bank holiday if you’re in the UK.


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