beginnings of a new patchwork quilt

Back in 2010 I made my first patchwork quilt. It was all handsewn, using the English paper piecing technique and took almost a whole year! I was so happy with the result, but it was a lot of work. It did kind of put me off quilting for a while…at least until my fingers recovered!

Soon after completing the quilt I saw this pattern on HenHouse and started collecting pretty floral and polka dot fabrics to make my own Forties inspired quilt. It’s also sewn mostly by machine, which is perfect this time around!

I was lucky enough to find a listing on US eBay for a selection of feedsack fabrics in beautiful faded florals, and these should look great in the quilt. I shared some photos of the fabric in this post

Here are some photos from the HenHouse blog of a lovely completed forties chevron quilt…

how to

glowing in the sunshine

close up

And here is a photo of my first patchwork quilt. I completed it just in time for Mia’s second birthday…

So, if all goes to plan, the new quilt should be ready in a few months time! I will let you know how it goes!


2 thoughts on “beginnings of a new patchwork quilt

  1. Pre Reply

    That sounds like fun! I would LOVE to sew a quilt, it’s always been something I think about from time to time. Any tips for beginners?

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      I still think of myself as a beginner at quilting! It is fun though! I often get ideas and tips from – they have loads of lovely projects & tutorials, plus great step by step photos.

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