new vintage treasures

pink lloyd loom chair

midwinter breakfast bowls – love the cheery springtime pattern

a purse in gorgeous vintage fabric

The trip to the junk shop went really well, and was so much fun! It felt like I’d been on thrifting detox since the boot sale season ended last autumn.

The shop had a great selection of 1950s and 60s furniture and accessories, loads of old books and records and plenty of retro homewares. The best bit was how unstyled, or arranged the store was…it really was like a treasure hunt!  I’ll definitely be visiting it again soon!


5 thoughts on “new vintage treasures

  1. chelseyjean Reply

    I loooove that chair!! That purse is quite cute too! Don’t you love when thrifting gives you great results??!! Too many times I’ve gone only to leave empty handed. Looks like your trip really paid off!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thanks Chelsey! I really love the chair too, and that feeling you get when you find something amazing when thrifting! x

  2. niftythriftygoodwill Reply

    cute! i love the little purse. it’s adorable

  3. Noreen Reply

    Great chair – looks awesome in that room!

  4. Erica Reply

    Some great finds! I dont think you can beat a great junk shop 🙂

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