diy patchwork storage boxes

Here’s a quick DIY project I completed yesterday. I found some old wooden crates in the shed, and thought they would be great as storage boxes.I couldn’t resist adding some floral fabrics to make them even prettier.

I’ve included a step by step of how I made them…

I cleaned up the crates with a brush and hoover

sanded the rough edges a little

chose some coordinating fabrics

measured the sides and base of the crates and cut out the fabric (& ironed it after this photo!)

using a staple gun, attached each piece of fabric to the crate…i hemmed as I stapled, just by folding under

nearly finished pink crate

the blue crate finished – perfect for shoes!

adding a few decorations

in its new home as a shelf

I’m really pleased with the result, plus they look pleasingly handmade and rustic. Let me know if you have any questions on the step by step!


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