Vintage-style handknits

I found the prettiest hand-knitted cardigans this afternoon. They were in Masons, my local knitting shop in Abingdon. I’m really lucky, as they have three branches in one small town; one for knitting, one for card-making and crafting and third is the most amazing treasure-trove of a fabric shop.

I’d popped into the knitting shop to get some crochet hooks (I’m trying to teach myself granny squares) and saw the lovely cardigans by the till. I think they’re made by local knitters, and are so beautiful. I really like to dress Mia in traditional style clothes, as she’s still only two years old. I think she’s going to look great in her new cardies!


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  1. northernnarratives Reply

    Hi, I am glad I found your blog. These cardigans are adorable! Have a nice day, Judy

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