Birthday jelly bean trifle

I made a trifle a little like this…

And added a few of these on top…

It’s become a family tradition for me to make my brother a trifle for his birthday each year. I loosely follow a traditional recipe, but always add a few variations for fun! This time I added Jelly Belly jelly beans on top. They looked amazingly kitsch and pretty, plus they went really nice and chewy in the fridge. I also added a little Pimms to the sponge cake layer for extra fruitiness.

To make it I used the following ingredients:

1 pack raspberry jelly (makes approx. 1 pint jelly)

1 carton ready made custard

1 pack blueberries

2/3 madeira cake, sliced into chunky pieces

a few splashes of Pimms

1/2 pint double cream, whipped (with a few drops vanilla extract added)

jelly beans to decorate

I prepared the jelly a day in advance, to give it time to set. With the other ingredients I went for convenience; shop bought custard is so good now, and really, life is too short to be making sponge cake for trifle. I’m not a fan of the lady fingers or boudoir biscuits (strange names, by the way!) as they go soggy too quickly.

I constructed the trifle in layers of sponge, fruit, jelly, custard, cream and then jelly beans. It looked like something out of a 60s colour cookery book! It got excellent reviews from all those who tried it, and like all good birthday parties, there was enough for second and third helpings!

Unfortunately it disappeared too quickly for me to take any photos!





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