Sightseeing in Cambridge

Cambridge craft market

Fruit & veg market

Old fashioned sweet stall

Gardi’s Cafe

Ice cream sundae

I’m staying with family near Cambridge this weekend. We had a lovely walk around the city playing tourists yesterday afternoon. There was a wonderful craft market amongst the University buildings. Lots of handmade silver jewellery and some beautiful woodprints. The weather was a bit damp, so we didn’t linger too long!

Cambridge has plenty of markets to explore; I especially like the traditional fruit and veg market. There was some excellent produce, including bundles of purple sprouting broccoli and huge crates of Seville oranges. There was also an old fashioned sweet stall – nothing like a few rhubard and custard sweets to brighten a rainy day!

We ended the afternoon with lunch at a local bistro. Mia was super-well-behaved, and had her very first strawberry ice cream, with chocolate sauce, and two wafers!


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  1. Sean Reply

    Fantastic archaic style images of Cambridge! The city’s architecture is so great for photography.

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thanks Sean! I agree, Cambridge is a great city to photograph. I’ll be visiting again in a few weeks, so check back for some new photos soon!

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