Breakfast the BEAR cub way with Alphabites

Joe cub Bear Alpha Bites

 I was recently invited by BEAR to become a member of their Happy By Nature Team and I couldn’t be happier to join in the fun! BEAR make delicious natural nibbles without any nasty additives or sugars and we are huge fans of their yummy snacks, including pure fruit yoyos and Alphabites breakfast cereal. It is genuinely a pleasure to work with a brand whose philosophies so closely match my own, and whose products are already a part of our day to day life…I can’t actually remember the last time I left the house without a couple of BEAR yoyos tucked into my bag for the day…maybe around 2010 when Mia was just a little toddler!

When it comes to breakfast cereal there is often a difference of opinion between what Mia and Joe would like to choose (chocolate flavour always, often sugary, generally with animals or cartoon characters on the box) and what I allow them to choose from (wholegrain, lower-sugar, preferably something fairly healthy that will at least fill up their tummies until mid-morning snack time). You probably won’t be surprised to hear that there are very few cereals that meet everyone’s likes here! The cereal aisle at the supermarket can be a battle ground…thank goodness for online grocery shopping.

One cereal that we definitely agree about is BEAR Alphabites, especially their all time favourite the cocoa flavour. It looks and tastes very much like other chocolate cereals, but is 100% natural, only contains 6 ingredients and has absolutely no added refined sugar…basically the cereal of most parent’s dreams! Alphabites also come in multigrain flavour, which is also delicious, and both flavours of the cereal are shaped like letters of the alphabet. Joe is just learning to spell his own name at preschool, so really enjoys finding the J, O and E in his cereal bowl. We’re keeping it simple with the shortened version of his name for now, he can work out spelling Joseph at a later date!

Both flavours of Alphabites are really tasty and have a nice natural sweetness rather than being overwhelmingly sickly sweet, thanks to the sprinkling of coconut blossom nectar. Coconut blossom nectar is full of minerals that help bones and muscles grow, help absorb vitamins and give little immune systems a boost. Mia and Joe also like how the cocoa flavour Alphabites make their breakfast milk go cocoa-y…like chocolate milk apparently!

BEAR have recently redesigned the Alphabites box to look even more like a cute bear, and each box now has little ears that pop up! Joe, never wanting to be out-cuted by a bear has joined in too, with a little face paint, some bear cub ears and some lovely soft jamies he looks the part. Adventure rucksack on, and he was off to explore the garden.

We have been lucky enough to have had over a week of lovely sunny weather now, and the weekend was gorgeous for most of the uk, a proper little taste of summer.

The muscari have popped up all over the garden, and bear cub Joe was very willing to pick a few for us to arrange in the kitchen.

He even managed a little ROAR! Whilst his lovely smudgy face paint only lasted a morning, his explorer backpack has become a firm favourite, as have the Alphabites.

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We are happy to work with BEAR on this collaborative post.



Let’s Talk About Chocolate

It seems like a good idea to talk about chocolate today; not only is it Monday (and quite frankly chocolate should be compulsory), but we are also only a couple a weeks away from Easter. A very brief interlude between the Spring festivities that begin with Valentines and pancake day and include my birthday and Mother’s Day.

The lovely people at Chocolate & Love were kind enough to send my some of their organic swiss chocolate to try out. Whilst becoming a chocolate taste tester for an afternoon sounds like the dream job, I did hesitate for a moment before agreeing! I am really fussy about chocolate and never really vary my choices; I’m very loyal to only a couple of brands of extra dark chocolate…one with added chilli, one without. So, I was kind of broadening my foodie horizons.

First impressions are very important, and as I unwrapped the Chocolate & Love gift box I was struck by just how incredibly pretty it was. Really distinctive packaging with gorgeous illustrations in a rainforest theme; like a beautiful picture book I would be tempted to buy in a bookshop (you know, for the children)!

Four flavours are included in the gift box, and they are also available separately in larger single bars;

Panama – 80% cocoa

Orange – 65% cocoa

Rich Dark – 71% cocoa

Sea Salt – 55% cocoa

My favourite was no surprise to me, the Panama, the 80% chocolate bar – it was deliciously bitter and smooth, and had a really pleasing snap when broken. Completely delicious with a cup of coffee! My second favourite was the Orange, which also had a nice high cocoa solids percentage. It had the lovely taste and scent of ‘proper’ oranges, thanks to the cold pressed natural orange oil added to the chocolate.

Mia and Joe loved the Sea Salt chocolate which surprsied me a little, as it has a strong distinctive flavour; not one you would necessarily think children would like. It would be really good for after dinner, as just a tiny piece has loads of flavour. It just proves that children should get to try as many flavours as possible, and the Sea Salt chocolate was a great hit. They have been pestering me for some for Easter!

Take a look at Chocolate & Love’s site for details about the love story that led to the founding of the company and for more about their excellent ethical organic values.


Chocolate & Love were kind enough to send me a gift box to review. All opinions and words are my own.